Convrrt is the fully customizable Unlayer competitor for SaaS companies.

The Unlayer Alternative for SaaS

Considering an alternative to Unlayer? Trying to decide which platform to use in your SaaS platform?

The truth is that Convrrt isn't for everyone, but if you operate a SaaS web application, you're likely a great candidate for it.

Finding the right enterprise landing page solution is a decision you shouldn't take lightly.

We put together a straightforward guide explaining the key differences between Convrrt and Unlayer for SaaS companies.

Convrrt at a glance

★ Easy landing page management
★ Custom fields with feature flags
★ Powerful lead-gen tools for users

★ Concept to live in 30 days
★ Complies with GDPR & SOC 2
★ Premium support included

Create pages easily
Ideal for agencies
Hosting infrastructure
Custom domains
Custom branding
Data integrations
GDPR Compliant
SOC 2 Compliant
Pre-made templates
Template restrictions
Gated features
Multi-step forms
Mobile friendly


Comparison data was updated on June 15, 2022.
Unlayer® is a registered trademark of Unrolled LLC and has no relationship with Convrrt, Inc.




Convrrt vs. Unlayer Side-by-side Comparison

Why Should I Consider Convrrt Over Unlayer?

Convrrt offers design guidance, limitless customization, and long-term support.

But first, we want to point out where Unlayer performs well. 

Unlayer is a good option if you need simplified HTML email templates or landing page templates without advanced platform-level customizations. Unless you're a software engineer, you'll likely need additional support, which is available only via an online form. 

Unlayer also has easy-to-read developer documentation, which can help engineers create page-editing components from their APIs. However, comprehensive developer documentation should make you think about why.

Convrrt seamlessly adds landing page capabilities to your app, so users capture more leads without any of the headaches of building landing pages. Product leaders can't afford to spend time or money on solutions that take you only part of the way.

Convrrt equips SaaS companies with new lead-generation features and functions without the 18 months of development (and cash burn). Rather than forcing your dev team to build each component, Convrrt drops into your existing tech stack with minimal changes on your side. 

When you need to add a proven landing page solution to your software, the answer is clear.

TLDR: Convrrt offers the best guidance, speed, and support.

What Does Convrrt Do Better?

There are many advantages Convrrt has over Unlayer.

1) Customize everything for SaaS

Convrrt brings your best features front and center. Adjust any aspect of our page builder to meet your specs. Uphold the user experience you've worked hard to create.

While you'll find a collection of templates with Unlayer, the deep customization isn't there. Instead, you'll spend most of your time fitting your design into pre-built layouts. This process can be grueling.

2) Get unmatched enterprise support

Our enterprise support sets us apart from any other landing page builder. We'll set up a private Slack channel for your team and hold bi-weekly meetings with you to discuss upcoming features.

Unlayer doesn't offer the same level of long-term support. While you can fill out an online contact form to ask a question or send a message, that's it.

3) Achieve simplicity at scale

With Convrrt, users create, edit, and publish conversion-ready pages in minutes. Their leads go directly into your platform. So say goodbye to forcing users to use API keys or hiring developers, which can be early signs of churn.

Unlayer provides extensive developer documentation since you will need to architect and develop landing page features long before even one customer uses it.

4) Obtain superior uptime & performance

Convrrt provides an SLA of 99.99% uptime on the page builder and its pages. That protects your time, investment, and customers. We take that responsibility seriously. Our platform is built on Google Cloud and Cloudflare.

From Unlayer's documentation, they "strive for 99.5% uptime." Let’s break this down. An SLA level of 99.5% uptime results in over three hours of downtime each month. Their uptime reports show it’s a real concern.

Why Should SaaS Companies Use Convrrt?

Convrrt helps SaaS businesses achieve profitability.

Unlock product-led growth

With Convrrt's landing page builder, target and edit features based on each account segment. Activate or restrict functionality based on specific attributes, such as account type or SKU, known as feature flags.

Leverage this capability to drive account upgrades or upsells, rewarding your customers when they move to the next tier. Unlayer lacks the same level of support for upward mobility. 

Raise customer sentiment

Time isn’t on your side. Convrrt helps you launch impressive marketing features in as little as one month. Customers demand more value from your CRM, marketing, or events software. 

Users want a simple and intuitive page builder to create campaigns in minutes. Convrrt makes your platform easier and more capable. Accelerate your GTM strategy, reduce cancellations, and boost renewals.

The Cheat Code for SaaS Product Growth

Convrrt is the most customizable landing page builder for SaaS.

For an intuitive landing page builder ready to package into your app, you can't go wrong with Convrrt.

Top SaaS brands like Freshworks, Keap, and Brevo use Convrrt, and we'd love to help you join their ranks.

Convrrt is best if you want:
  • A complete landing page builder experience for users
  • Long-term support and guidance to achieve goals
  • Enterprise-grade uptime and performance
  • Extensive customization around your SaaS

Unlayer is good for: 

  • A basic content editor designed for email first
  • Offering a basic template with minor design tweaks
  • Companies with large development teams
  • A desire to code every user interaction

Researching an Unlayer alternative?

Here's the bottom line.

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