Convrrt: The Duda Alternative

Convrrt is the fully customizable Duda alternative focused entirely on SaaS.

Checking out an alternative to Duda? You’re at the right place.

Choosing the right solution to help users create landing pages is a decision you shouldn't take lightly.

Our goal is to help you increase your product breadth, boost stickiness, grow ARPU, and deliver tangible value for users — ultimately accelerating your go-to-market plan. 

Let’s dig in to see how these page builders stack up. 

Convrrt vs. Duda Comparison

Since you’re curious about the differences between Duda and Convrrt for SaaS platforms, we put together this straightforward comparison.


Create pages easily


Ideal for agencies


Cloud hosted


Custom domains


Custom branding


Data integrations


Enterprise support


GDPR Compliant


SOC 2 Compliant


Pre-made templates


Template restrictions


Gated Features


Multi-step forms


Mobile friendly


Mobile friendly



Comparison data updated on June 16, 2022. Duda® is a registered trademark of Duda, Inc. and has no relationship with Convrrt, Inc. 

Convrrt at a glance:

★    Easy landing page management
White-label with data integrations
Powerful lead-gen tools for users

★    Go live in 30 days
Fully supported
Best for SaaS platforms

Why Should I Consider Convrrt Over Duda?

Convrrt offers limitless customization with long-term support.

But first, we want to point out where Duda performs well. 

Duda is a great option if you need to build multi-page, complex websites for yourself or on behalf of clients. If you have massive branded content needs, Duda can help you tame them with repeatable widgets.

The company has plenty of API documentation. This suggests that you’re just equipping your development team with yet another tool to sink hundreds of hours to build and maintain a component of your software.

Convrrt is a better choice to empower users to publish their own landing pages without the headaches of building them. And you won’t have to tie up valuable engineering talent.

SaaS platforms embed Convrrt into their application to fast-track lead-generation features for users. Landing page builder, cloud hosting, professional templates, data integrations, analytics, custom branding — it’s covered with Convrrt.

Your users care most about leads, phone calls, booked appointments, and contacts in their CRM. They shouldn’t be forced to tackle the complexity of multi-page online business websites.

The world’s most successful CRM and marketing software companies use Convrrt

What Does Convrrt Do Better?

There are many advantages Convrrt has over Duda.

When product leaders need a landing page builder that does it all, they turn to Convrrt. We've built our platform specifically for subscription-based businesses. 

Here are the top four reasons competitors have nothing on Convrrt. 

#1 Full Attribution Tracking

Convrrt allows for full attribution tracking of landing pages so users know the results of their marketing dollars. Provide users the intelligence they need to act on their data.  

This isn’t the case with Duda, other than some limited integration with Google Analytics. Limited tracking makes it challenging to convey the ROI to users.

#2 Unrivaled Enterprise Support

Our enterprise support sets us apart from any other landing page builder. We'll set up an exclusive Slack channel for your team. We hold bi-weekly meetings with you to discuss upcoming features.

Duda doesn't offer the same level of long-term support to all users. Online reviews have mentioned limited support availability on most price plans.

#3 Simplicity at Scale

With Convrrt, users create, edit, and publish conversion-ready pages in minutes. Their leads go directly into your platform. So say goodbye to forcing users to fish for API keys which can be early predictors of churn.

Duda maintains extensive developer documentation. You will need to architect and develop a landing page editor long before customers use it.

#4 Deep White-Labeling Capabilities

Every aspect of the Convrrt platform can be tailored to your brand and proprietary features. If you have unique content types or special event triggers, we embrace them in our page builder.

With Duda’s limited third-party integrations, users are left to seek out more capable software. You’d pay a premium price for what — a simple page builder? Not with Convrrt.

Why Else Should SaaS Apps Use Convrrt?

Convrrt helps SaaS businesses achieve profitability.

Unlock product-led growth

With Convrrt's landing page builder, target and edit features based on each account segment. Activate or restrict functionality based on specific attributes, such as account type or SKU, known as feature flags.

You can leverage this capability to encourage account upgrades or upsells, rewarding your customers when they move to the next tier. Duda doesn't offer the same level of support for upward mobility. 

Raise customer sentiment

Time isn’t on your side. Convrrt helps you launch impressive marketing features in as little as one month. Customers demand more value from your CRM, marketing, or events app. 

Users want a simple and intuitive page builder to create campaigns in minutes. Convrrt makes your platform easier and more capable. Accelerate your GTM strategy, reduce cancels, and boost renewals.

The Bottom Line: The Convrrt Advantage

The most customizable landing page builder for SaaS.

For an intuitive landing page builder ready to package into your app, you can't go wrong with Convrrt.

Top SaaS brands like Freshworks, Keap, and Sendinblue use Convrrt, and we'd love to help you join their ranks.

Scoping out an Duda competitor? Here's the bottom line.

Convrrt is best to:

  • Provide users a complete landing page experience
  • Customize around your SaaS product
  • Get no-nonsense product support
  • Surface conversion analytics for users
  • Maximize your development resources

Duda is good for:

  • Marketing agencies and content publishers
  • Web hosting companies that want to monetize
  • When you want an off-the-shelf website builder
  • Engineering teams that build everything themselves

Scale your SaaS platform with Convrrt. 
Schedule a 20-min demo today. 

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