Convrrt is the fully customizable BeeFree competitor for SaaS companies

The BeeFree Alternative for SaaS

Looking into a BeeFree alternative? You're in the right place.

A well-designed landing page turns visitors into buyers — it's critical to every business. But for SaaS companies, managing them for users isn't easy. 

Convrrt provides a complete landing page solution without tying up development resources. Boost customer loyalty, grow revenue, and save millions on development.

While BeeFree Embed has built a decent page editor, time isn't on your side. It lacks the customization under the hood that SaaS companies need.

See why Convrrt is the strongest BeeFree competitor in the following head-to-head comparison.

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Convrrt vs. BeeFree Embed Side-by-side Comparison

Why Should I Consider Convrrt Over BeeFree?

Convrrt is the fully customizable BeeFree alternative, focused entirely on SaaS

Convrrt has been battle-tested by 70,000+ users and millions of landing pages. 

It has ready-to-use templates and simple administration tools to deploy to users. We'll work with your product team to achieve the user experience you've always wanted. 

On the other hand, requires more effort. 

While you can hire a designer, you're responsible for browsing the hundreds of available templates, choosing one you like, and tweaking it to meet your specs. This process can be time-consuming and usually requires additional help.

Convrrt includes lead-generation features, page templates, and infrastructure on day one. While you'll still have complete control, it isn't a DIY solution. 

You can have the best of both worlds.

SaaS product teams ship more with Convrrt

12+ Million

1.8 Million
Landing Pages


Active Users

What Does Convrrt Do Better?

There are several advantages to choosing Convrrt over BeeFree

1) Deep customization for SaaS

Fine-tune any aspect of your landing page builder and its templates. In addition, we support tiered pricing plans, so you can drive expansion revenue using product-led growth principles.

While BeeFree also offers a wide range of templates, you have to adjust the different components of each page. This approach makes it hard to add your secret sauce to it.

2) Simplicity at scale

With Convrrt, users create, edit, and publish conversion-ready pages in minutes. Leads go directly into your platform. Goodbye to forcing users to fish for API keys or hiring a full-stack developer, which are red flags for churn.

BeeFree provides extensive developer documentation since you will need to plan, design, and develop numerous landing page features.

3) Hands-on guidance to grow

Convrrt puts you in the driver's seat, and we're riding shotgun. Our experts are on hand to bring your vision to life. Since we only work with SaaS companies, we know how to drive customer retention, account growth, and overall adoption.

BeeFree also offers customer support, but the response time isn't always where it needs to be. Online help is limited to sales, marketing, and security incidents. If you need further guidance, you'll need to reach out to a designer or purchase dedicated support for a quote.

4) Proven infrastructure

Landing pages are only as effective as the infrastructure powering them. Convrrt runs on its ready-to-use cloud platform and is vetted by the best in the business. We comply with SOC 2, GDPR, and PCI to ensure optimal data security and proper incident response.

With BeeFree, you'll need to set up, maintain, and test your infrastructure. While this isn't a huge disadvantage, it adds unnecessary risk, time, and cost when you expect a simple landing page solution.

Why Should SaaS Companies Use Convrrt?

The fastest-growing software companies choose Convrrt for a few reasons

Accelerate revenue growth

Make it easy for accounts to upgrade. Offer exclusive features based on account tier. Encourage users to upgrade price plans.

Increase account retention

Stop churn at the source with end-to-end page publishing features for your app. Launch product features in weeks.

Maximize dev talent

Software companies have finite development hours. Ship new marketing features without depleting your dev team.

Experience the advantage of adding Convrrt to your product.

Give users what they want in less than three months: an easy and fast way to generate leads, not a clunky API integration.

We use APIs, but your users shouldn't have to.

Some of the top SaaS companies using Convrrt today include Freshworks, Keap, Brevo, and SharpSpring. Ready to join these ranks?

There's never been a better time to get started. Landing pages are just the start, and each Convrrt client has a say on our product roadmap.

And as user desires evolve, we'll be there to keep you ahead of the industry.

The Ultimate No-Code Landing Page Builder Is Here

Convrrt is better if you want:

  • A complete landing page builder for users
  • Long-term support and advice to achieve goals
  • Enterprise-grade uptime and performance
  • Extensive customization around your software

BeeFree is good if you want:

  • A large engineering team with a lengthy backlog
  • A simple content editor with few customizations
  • To set up your own hardened infrastructure

The Bottom Line: Convrrt Is the Best Choice for Product Teams 💪

Lift SaaS Account Retention by 27% Or More
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