LionDesk enhanced its software suite to deliver Convrrt’s embedded landing page builder.

How a Real Estate CRM Added Demand Capture Features in 43 Days

CEO: David Anderson Employees: 16

Headquarters: Carlsbad,CA

Founded: 2014

About LionDesk

LionDesk provides a suite of CRM and marketing automation solutions to help brokerages and real estate agencies improve their workflow and maximize the value of their marketing efforts. The company's software includes a real-time dashboard, pipeline automation, lead scoring, and personalized landing pages.

Convrrt streamlined the process for agents by providing them with the tools to create beautiful, customized landing pages effortlessly from their LionDesk dashboard. By solving for the landing page publishing experience with Convrrt, LionDesk powerfully serves clients in ways that generic CRM software simply can't.

LionDesk provides CRM and marketing software for brokerages and real estate agencies. Founded in 2014 and acquired by Lone Wolf Technologies in 2021, the company stayed ferociously loyal to its ideal customer: real estate agents. 

The challenge LionDesk faced was ensuring users had comprehensive tools to attract, capture, and convert valuable traffic. Timing matters in real estate. For instance, prospective home buyers and sellers despise filling out multiple forms and lead requests across various vendors. This issue is precisely what LionDesk solves for its users.

To equip real estate agents and brokerages with an end-to-end marketing and sales platform, LionDesk used the enterprise landing page builder from Convrrt to strengthen its platform. As a result, agents can instantly create landing pages and follow up on more leads instead of solely relying on services like Zillow or Redfin. And they could do so without an outside developer, designer, or other costly tools.

Real estate agents need their marketing platform to complement their work — not the other way around. Everyday business needs they have, include:

  • Responding to time-sensitive offers from buyers
  • Engaging curious sellers who want top-dollar
  • Generating referrals long after a closing
  • Segmenting buyers and seller nurture campaigns

A Technical Integration Easy To Support

The integration has been a breeze for Neil Pili, who provides priority support at LionDesk. His typical day involves helping users through onboarding, and he is the subject matter expert on landing pages. 

"Real estate agents tend not to be comfortable setting landing pages in any tool," said Pili. "But with landing pages through LionDesk, they can have that funnel contacts right into their database." And that's where the real magic begins. 

Each landing page is configured with the proper settings so agents can follow up with specific information rather than universal autoresponder messages. According to Pili, users enjoy this simple but worthwhile function where other tools often come up short. 

The company's Elite users get phone support and live Zoom support. For Pili, he mentioned that once people get familiar with the page publishing experience, they're confident in managing their pages on their own. 

Pili's favorite Convrrt feature is the template library. "Templates are the best my opinion for getting people going because it's already built for them, and they just have to fill in the blanks." These aren't off-the-shelf templates you find on the web. Rather, these optimized landing page templates optimized for the real estate industry, saving their users countless hours and thousands of dollars each. 

"Templates are the best my opinion for getting people going because it's already built for them, and they just have to fill in the blanks."

Neil Pili
Priority Support 
Lone Wolf Technologies

Users can choose from dozens of ready-to-use landing page templates.

“Our audience loves landing pages!”

Stephanie Armstrong
Sr. Manager of Support Operations Lone Wolf Technologies

Results from using Convrrt

Since the company used Convrrt's landing page builder, it has influenced LionDesk's customer experience. Here are the highlights: 

  • Added landing page features in only 43 days
  • Over 4,200 landing pages published
  • Top agents published 70+ lead capture pages
LionDesk’s senior manager of support operations, Stephanie Armstrong, considers the embedded landing page builder a key part of the customer experience. “Our audience loves landing pages,” beamed Armstrong. 

The reason why is that real estate agencies need an easy way to capture demand from home sellers and buyers — and they can do it all from the LionDesk CRM. 

An Integration That Feels Native

LionDesk wanted to deliver a total experience for users rather than pushing them to outside services. Convrrt helped the software company achieve just that. 

"The landing page feature has been the most seamless," said Pili. "It took on the look and feel of LionDesk's interface, which I know was important." This familiarity is crucial for users to boost confidence when navigating the platform. 

By adding landing pages to its SaaS platform, LionDesk has been able to advance customer success and accelerate product innovation, setting itself up for continued growth in the future.

“The landing page feature has been the most seamless.”

Neil Pili
Priority Support
Lone Wolf Technologies

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About Convrrt

Convrrt is a landing page platform for SaaS companies. Its white-label solution helps users create and publish conversion-friendly landing pages from select CRM and marketing software. More than 67,000 users across more than 100 countries use Convrrt’s landing page builder to engage target audiences and collect more than one million contacts.