Keap added an enterprise-grade landing page builder to its software that exceeded customer expectations and saved them millions.

How Keap Expanded Landing Page Capabilities for 30K+ SMBs



Landing Pages Published

3 Months

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Ready for a Low-Maintenance Page Builder

Keap benefitted from a tremendous upswing of account growth between 2010 and 2015.

Small businesses fell in love with Keap’s ability to deliver all-in-one marketing and sales software. While dozens of startups often imitated Keap, none could compete with its broad appeal for equipping entrepreneurs with every tool to build audiences and grow revenue.

Needed a Full-Featured Landing Page Builder

The current Keap headquarters in Chandler, AZ

Despite the company achieving its all-in-one vision encompassing CRM, email, web forms, e-commerce, marketing automation, APIs, mobile apps, and telephony, it introduced some engineering challenges.

Adding new features became less practicable since it also resulted in ongoing support, maintenance, and following market trends. CTO, David Pinkus, wanted to accomplish both objectives, so he turned to Convrrt.

Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Chandler, AZ
CEO: Clate Mask
Employees: 392
Customers: 30,000+
Users: 200,000+

Before Convrrt, the company added a vital component to its platform: payment processing. This presented a billion-dollar opportunity to divert engineering resources to pursue that or to dedicate its software engineers to improve its landing page experience.

Keap users capture leads in a few different ways. Each method serves a particular purpose, but almost all need a developer to go live. For instance, many SMBs prefer WordPress. But creating conversion-ready landing pages isn’t feasible for most users. Embedded web forms and bespoke API integrations sometimes push the company’s most enthusiastic supporters to rival platforms. 

The early days of Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft
Legacy Web Forms in Keap Max Classic *
Keap's legacy Web Forms required a developer to add lead-gen forms to sites.

About Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

For 20 years, Keap has helped liberate and empower small business entrepreneurs so they can strengthen their families, communities, and the global economy. Keap pioneered the sales and marketing automation software market with its Keap Lite, Keap Pro, and Keap Max products, along with expert coaching. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, the company is on a mission to simplify growth for 1 million entrepreneurs worldwide by 2030. Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, and Signal Peak Ventures fund Keap. 

* Keap has sunset the legacy Web Form builder in favor of the Convrrt landing page builder.

Video: Client and power user feedback from Keap's PartnerKon

Solved Landing Pages for Thousands of SMBs

Product leaders wanted to streamline the user experience to create and publish beautiful landing pages in minutes. Additionally, the company wanted a flexible page builder experience that meets or exceeds business, security, and technology requirements.

With tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses relying on Keap to generate leads, follow-up, and drive sales, David Pinkus evaluated the Convrrt platform closely. “We compared Convrrt to several others in maket and Convrrt met all of our stringent requirements and user needs,” said Pinkus.

Convrrt collaborated with Keap like a true partner — much more than a technology vendor. They gathered feedback from product managers, users, and certified partners. In a matter of weeks, Keap introduced its newest landing page features powered by Convrrt.

Keap harnessed its development energy on the most valuable opportunities in the business and expanded its landing page features with Convrrt.

Landing pages embedded within the Keap Campaign Builder


Expanded Product Capabilities

Convrrt equipped Keap with the following features:

  • Drag-and-drop page builder experience
  • Dozens of premade templates
  • Dedicated support and a voice in features
  • Native-like form management (fields and UX)
  • Deep product integration in Campaign Builder
  • Customizable CNAME domain name for users
  • Enterprise-grade landing page hosting

In addition to enhancing the user experience, the Convrrt landing page solution helped propel product-led growth by increasing customer retention.

The technical partnership with Convrrt enabled Keap to focus on other product initiatives, such as its campaign builder, e-commerce, and additional product lines (Keap Max/Pro).

Users get 70+ landing page templates inside of Keap
A native experience for managing landing pages
Paul Sokol, Keap Certified Partner

Paul Sokol, a Keap Certified Partner, praises the landing page builder. “Convrrt makes it really easy to build landing pages that are designed well. It’s the modern landing page builder you’re expecting.”

Helped Right the Ship on Product Development


Achieved Positive Customer Reception

"They've done good work for us in helping a lot of our customers get landing pages in place," said Mask about Convrrt. "I'm really excited about the new things the Convrrt team is coming out with."

User sentiment also went up. Landing pages became one of Keap’s robust capabilities. In customer reviews, people often mention landing pages when thinking about what they liked best. 

Paul Sokol, a Keap Certified Partner, praises the landing page builder. “Convrrt makes it really easy to build landing pages that are designed well,” said Sokol. “It’s the modern landing page builder you’re expecting.” In addition, Sokol doesn’t need to use third-party integrations since everything is offered natively inside Keap.

"[Keap] keeps me easily connected to my clients, its quite easy to make funnels to add new clients, the landing page templates are beautiful & easy to make! It is a CRM on steroids" 
Trina J. on G2
"What sets Keap apart is it automation buuilder. The functionality is excellent and the email builder/landing page builder and form builder are all drag and drop and easy to use."
Marketing & Advertising User on G2

After Keap implemented Convrrt’s landing page platform, they lowered customer churn, increased customer satisfaction, and saved millions in labor and technology costs.

❤️ Increased customer retention

Added 16 months of customers on the books due to higher success with the product. 

⏱️ Fast implementation time

Onboarding was straightforward, without surprises. The landing page builder went live in three months.

😎 More than 1M pages published

Users adopted landing pages as a top reason to use Keap and grow their businesses. More than one million pages have been published.

Implementation Outcomes

Small businesses can create and publish professional landing pages in Keap
"What I like best about the Keap CRM is that I was able to get rid of multiple software systems. We use Keap to track our sales funnel, send out invoices, send out our email campaigns, create landing pages, send out our newsletter, and of course manage contacts."
Sabrina M. on G2

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About Convrrt

Convrrt is a landing page platform for SaaS companies. Its white-label solution helps users create and publish conversion-friendly landing pages from select CRM and marketing software. More than 67,000 users across more than 100 countries use Convrrt’s landing page builder to engage target audiences and collect more than one million contacts.