Customers create landing pages when they're frictionless. Brevo launched landing pages — and did it in less than two months.

How Brevo Accelerated Product Growth With Convrrt's Landing Page Builder



Landing Pages Published

45 Days

Development Time




Wanted Landing Pages in Its Marketing Suite

Brevo, formerly Sendinblue, wanted to provide users with a landing page builder solution within its product. Staying ahead of the competition was crucial to attract and retain a growing customer base. 

The Brevo platform offers comprehensive digital marketing tools that empower businesses to engage with their audience and drive growth. At the time, landing pages were a gap in its product lineup despite the success of its email marketing, SMS, chat, CRM, and automation capabilities.

Needed Production-Ready Landing Page Solution

Product leadership contemplated developing an in-house solution, but the timeline was too long. 

The company sought a trusted partner to assist them with implementing professional landing page features within a tight deadline. 

After evaluating various landing page services, they selected Convrrt as the best option due to its user-friendly interface and the ability to customize the page builder around their product's needs.

Convrrt’s success with other SaaS firms, such as Keap and Liondesk, was also a notable factor in Brevo's decision.

Headquarters: Paris, France
Founded: 2007
CEO: Armand Thiberge
Employees: 700

About Brevo

Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) suite designed to fully cultivate long-term customer relationships and to empower businesses to expand in a fast-changing digital world. Today, more than 500,000 businesses across 180 countries, including Sodexo, Louis Vuitton, Carrefour, eBay, and Michelin, trust Brevo’s reliable technology and 75+ integrations to deliver unparalleled customer experiences, reduce costs, and drive sales in one CRM suite. Brevo has more than 700 employees globally and is headquartered in Paris, with offices in Berlin, Vienna, Seattle, Toronto, Noida, Bangalore, and Sofia.

Like many email marketing companies, Brevo’s product had web forms, but users wanted a better way to capture leads. "A lot of our clients were looking for a landing page builder, but we only offered forms," said Mohit Tyagi, product manager for Brevo.

Brevo product manager Mohit Tyagi sharing thoughts on Convrrt

Convrrt Unlocked New Levels of Product Adoption

The implementation was surprisingly simple. 

Brevo set up the secure authentication and updated a couple of DNS records. Then Convrrt tailored its landing page builder around Brevo’s software interface, created templates, and provided hands-on training. Collectively, they worked asynchronously over Slack, with very few Zoom meetings needed. 

Less than two months later, 45 days, Brevo added landing page functionality to its core product, making it the fastest launch of any new product feature. 

"When we launched, we thought it would do well, but it has done exceptionally well because people see the value of this product," said Tyagi.

When the company debuted landing pages, it was a significant milestone in its growth journey. Users could then create beautiful and conversion-optimized landing pages within the product. And it was fully integrated with its product suite: email, text messages, CRM, and marketing automation.

Landing page template gallery inside of Brevo


Added Product Functionality

The Convrrt platform equipped Brevo with the following features:

  • Drag-and-drop page builder experience
  • Dozens of premade templates
  • Effortless brand and style management
  • Fully integrated form handling
  • Time-saving landing page sections
  • Enterprise-grade landing page hosting

In addition to enhancing the user experience, the Convrrt landing page solution helped propel product-led growth by pushing its recurring revenue higher.

"We offer five pages in the paid plan, but we have many customers who have published more than those five pages," said Tyagi. 

The technical partnership with Convrrt enabled Brevo to round out its product strategy while controlling costs and maximizing human capital.

Customizable brand settings at an account level
An integrated page builder experience in Brevo powered by Convrrt

Convrrt Accelerated Product Innovation & Valuation


Addressed user pain points

You don't have to look far to see satisfied customers raving about Brevo's landing page capabilities. 

Here are a few reviews posted on G2 about Brevo:

"[Brevo is] engaging with my audience through captivating landing pages and automated newsletters..." 
Allan P. on G2
"[Brevo] makes digital marketing easier; in just a few steps one can create mailing campaigns, landing pages and other content that is necessary for a healthy digital marketing strategy."
Simon G. on G2

Brevo's landing page builder quickly gained traction among clients, with over 80,000 users utilizing this demand-generation feature.

Time to market

The entire implementation took place in 45 days. This pace surpassed Brevo's own expectations. Ultimately, this meant the company could release product features faster.

With many content publishing functions included with Convrrt, there wasn't too much legwork needed to go live.

Revenue growth

The availability of the landing page builder as part of a premium plan proved effective at account expansion. 

It wasn't long until its customer base discovered the advantages of natively integrating landing pages with the rest of its marketing campaigns.

Unleashed user creativity

Tyagi was surprised users had done more with their landing pages than anticipated. "I have even seen that people just use them as websites. 

So instead of building a single page, they have a full website running for their company on our landing pages." 

Practically speaking, users don't have to pay for separate landing page tools — they just upgrade their Brevo plan.

Earned product accolades

With newfound landing page capabilities, Brevo earned high marks among critics. 

On Venture Harbour, Brevo is ranked No. 3, outmuscling Instapage, Swipe Pages, Leadpages, and GetResponse. 

This roundup of top landing page tools distinguishes Brevo as a leader in the marketing automation industry.

The company’s awards also include Top 100 Software Company by The Software Report (TSR), MarTech Breakthrough Award: Best Overall Marketing Automation Platform in 2022, G2: Leader Winter 2022, Leader Enterprise Winter 2022, Best Results Mid-Market 2022, and several others.

Implementation Outcomes

"[Brevo] has landing pages, ads, website tracking, CRM, etc. Everything [is] in one place for people who don't want to use multiple tools."
Sanchit G. on G2

Convrrt Fueled SaaS Product Scalability

Tyagi was upbeat about how Convrrt scaled the product strategy and enhanced the user experience. "Customers like landing pages that are very well integrated with our products. It's very seamless." 

"One of the advantages with Convrrt is they're always improving the product, which helps everyone in the long run." Since Convrrt serves other SaaS companies, they can add more features and enhance the builder experience without additional development resources.


Back in 2018, Sendinblue adopted Convrrt as its landing page builder. Since then, it raised $163M in funding as of October 1, 2020. The company's founder and CEO, Armand Thiberge, announced on May 4, 2023, that they have rebranded as Brevo. “We’ve grown from an email marketing platform to a full CRM suite,” noted Thiberge. 

Thiberge revealed that seven out of 10 users utilize the product for more than email newsletters, indicating that their product has expanded well beyond its email roots. At least in part, landing pages have played a significant role in the company's growth milestones, demonstrating its effectiveness. 

And looking ahead, the partnership continues to thrive. "Convrrt is always reachable, and their team is always there to support us," said Tyagi.

Outgrew its email marketing brand

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