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Convrrt partnered with SharpSpring to deploy dynamic landing pages to their client's sites.

The Problem

SharpSpring is all about helping marketing agencies automate their online lead generation process -- the question was, how could they close more sales for their customers? They needed a lead generation feature that could be easily integrated into their application, and they didn’t have a lot of time or spare resources. Luckily, Convrrt was there to take the lead.

The Solution

Convrrt took what would have taken SharpSpring over a year to develop (their words, not ours!) and got things up and running within 30 days, working closely with the API team to build in some new features along the way. Convrrt solves a problem they’ve long had trouble with, a problem that no one there had time to work on, and a problem that nobody had expertise with.

The Implementation

One special requirement for SharpSpring was to allow customers to create blog landing pages--Dynamic content that allowed their customers to nurture prospects. With accessible APIs, Convrrt was able to integrate a seamless integration within 30 days, with 1 dedicated developer. Today, thousands of agencies service several thousand of customers with the landing page builder.

The Results

Convrrt’s cloud landing page editor helps SharpSpring’s customers deploy dynamic landing pages on their clients’ sites. Once Convrrt was integrated into SharpSpring, customers no longer had to manually log in to a 3rd-party application or platform to create landing pages.

Rick Carlson - CEO @ Sharpspring

“Our goal was to make it easy for marketers to build dynamic landing pages that respond to each web visitor based on his/her specific interests. The new landing page builder enables marketers to build these highly-converting landing pages without having to rely on a developer or IT professional, so it is incredibly easy for a marketer to use. Many of our agency partners have already fallen in love with this new feature, and we are excited about SharpSpring’s ability to address an even broader range of customer needs as we continue to gain market share from the first generation of marketing automation providers.”

-Rick Carlson - CEO/Sharpspring

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