Guide to building a lead generation product

The first step to creating a leadgen product is understanding the scope of the process. Both inbound and outbound marketing systems need to correlate with an established leadgen curriculum. All efforts share the same three-step mission: attract, engage and convert.

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What's in the E-book?

The guide walks you thru different aspects of decisions when it comes to creating a new lead generation product.

Deeper look into inbound and outbound marketing

The marketing focus of brands used to be to find people with outbound tactics, but now they are striving to find them through an inbound strategy. Today’s business intelligence tools enable marketing and sales teams to target leads based on behaviors and trigger actions, unlike in the past, when they simply had general demographics to drive their targeting efforts.  

Should you buy, build or integrate new products

Customers inherently like an all-in-one platform. Integrating landing pages isn’t easy, and when it’s a core component of your lead gen, your customers may not feel comfortable relegating it to a third-party vendor. 

Complicated landing page builder capabilities can take years to ship. Decide if it’s worth waiting or if getting to market faster worth foregoing some customization. You should also consider the importance of other projects—are you willing to take engineers off of other core features to work on a landing page builder? 

Pros vs Cons

Understand the pros and cons between buying an off-the-shelf solution, building a lead generation product in-house, and partnering with a 3rd party. See what works best for your business strategy to get to the market quicker without getting overwhelmed in the building process.

Marketing Automation & CRM companies are winning

Real-time form integration

Integrated forms that connect directly with your platform.

Lightening fast publishing

We partnered with Google and Cloudflare to provide you the fastest serving pages across the globe.

Performance reporting

Get monthly reporting on how each of your customer is generating more leads than ever.

Give your customers the ultimate lead generation tool they deserve!

Single Sign On

Convrrt supports a variety of different login options including OAuth 2.0 and custom JWT.

Backed by Global CDN

Landing pages are served through a Global CDN.

SSL secured pages

All landing pages are automatically secured with SSL.

SLA & Support

Guaranteed up time on all landing pages, forms and services provided.

Product Security

Convrrt is committed to protecting your customers information throughout the entire product.

Built in e-commerce

Turn landing pages into check out pages and accept credit cards.



Form data gathered with Convrrt landing pages stay secured and adhere to the latest GDPR compliance requirements.

API Integrations

We write custom integrations to your CRM.


Event Based Architecture

Convrrt is built for modern data processing and messaging delivery.

Convrrt Sales funnel

Convrrt page builder comes standard with all the features that your customers crave in other apps like Unbounce, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Instapage, or Strikingly with a powerful enterprise solution.

Set your business on the fast pace to adapt with today's growing need for top-of-the-funnel automation with Convrrt

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